Welcome to Pleasure Salon


Date: January 5, 2015
Time: 6-10:00 pm

Where: The Delancey, 168 Delancey Street, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan
(just two blocks east of the Essex Street/Delancey Street stop on the M, J and F trains.)

Pleasure Salon gatherings bring together members of the BDSM, swinger, alternative gender, LGBTQ, sex-activist, porn, sex educator, nudist, sex-magic, polyamory, Pagan, radical faerie, tantra, sex-blogger, sex writer, pervert and sex-worker communities, and others whose passion is sex. (Let us know if we missed any one of you!) Pleasure Salon has been created to build community, allowing sex-positive people to cross-pollinate. Our mission is to help create a sex-positive world by building networks across the sex-positive community. It is a place for the open exchange of ideas and sensual expression.

Join us in building New York’s pleasure positive community, and bring your like-minded friends to this social gathering. The Pleasure Salon embraces respect, acceptance, and non-judgmental support in this public space. Dress is casual to sexy.

Please help us get word out about our new day and location to all your friends in the sex-positive community!

In pleasure,

Patricia Johnson, Selina Fire & Mark Michaels
Pleasure Salon Founders and Hosts

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